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At MegaTec Equipment Services, we provide a wide range of commercial refrigeration services because we know that keeping your products cool in Vancouver requires nothing but high quality equipment and service. We offer comprehensive walk–in cooler services throughout the greater Vancouver area for business owners whose cooling needs exceed stand–alone refrigeration units. A walk–in cooler is a great asset because of its capacity to hold a much greater quantity of products in cold storage, but also because of its ability to hold large objects that would otherwise be too large for ordinary commercial refrigeration units. Our walk–in cooler services include the customization and installation of the walk–in cooler itself as well as any repair or maintenance needs that you may require in the future

When choosing a commercial walk–in cooler expert, it’s important to make sure that you hire a professional who has the technical expertise and training necessary to keep your new equipment running smoothly. We are locally owned and operated, and we continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our customers on every job that we do. Call us today to learn more about our walk–in cooler services in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Langley, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Port Moody, North Vancouver.

Walk In Freezers

Keeping your food and drink products cool for your clientele and workers is paramount to the success of your commercial venture. Your walk–in cooler is likely a critical component in your daily workflow and productivity expectations, and as such, it needs to be kept in good working order at all times. We provide excellent walk–in cooler repair services throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. Whether your cooler breaks during the middle of the day or late on Saturday evening, we are available around the clock to restore its effectiveness and efficiency. Let us find a solution to your walk–in cooler problems.

There are differences between walk-in coolers based on type as well as manufacturer, but at their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.

The Panels basically sandwiches made of foam insulation and thin metal sheets, panels range from 3 1/2" - 5" thick and keep the walk-in at the correct temperature for storing your fresh or frozen foods. They are generally made with a 24 to 26 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum or aluminum-coated steel, painted steel, or stainless steel that is called the skin. Panels also often have embossed patterns in the metal to help maintain a professional look, provide additional strength, and reduce the appearance of wear and tear.

The Floor depending on the space you have, models with and without floors are available. Floor materials differ between manufacturers, but many will be made of smooth aluminum. If your walk-in is located above a basement or in a warm, uninsualted area you will need insulated flooring to keep hot air out and cold air in. Insulated flooring will not only extend the life of your compressor since it won't need to work as hard, but it also prevents condensation from forming. Condensation in a walk-in is dangerous as it can damage boxes and will also be a slipping hazard for your employees.

The Refrigeration System the most complex part of the unit is the refrigeration system. To bring it down to basics, you’ll want to know how much power the system will need in order to operate, where that power will be coming from, and how much clearance and ventilation the system will need. All of these are things that could affect the configuration that you choose.

Smaller walk-in coolers typically require a 1/2 hp compressor to hold temperatures at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in freezers often need a larger compressor—around 1 hp—to maintain those colder temperatures. Remember, the larger the walk-in the more powerful the refrigeration system will need to be.

The Door a very important element of any walk-in, the door must provide access while still preventing cold air from escaping. Plus, the door is the most abused part of the walk-in and needs to be able to stand up to frequent use. Purchasing a unit with a self-closing door mechanism, high quality door hinges and latches, along with well-fitting gaskets can help it last longer and prevent loss of cold air for greater energy efficiency. Other options that you may see include a small window in the door for viewing or door locks to keep your food secure after hours.

Common Problems with Walk-in Freezers

Operations and maintenance issues should be addressed to avoid excessive energy use and costly repairs, as well as potential product loss. Additional maintenance issues can be reviewed by our expert staff.

Power is on, but control board does not display
  • Check wiring for breaks and replace fuse
  • Check Transformer output voltage (12V)
  • Replace cold storage room control board
High discharge pressure
  • Clean walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer condenser coils
  • Check fan motor and its electrical circuit
  • Reclaim excess refrigerant
Low discharge pressure.
  • Check for leaks; repair and add charge.
  • Call a professional technician.
Large difference between actual cold storage room temperature and set point on control panel
  • Re-position sensing point of temperature sensor.
  • Enlarge wire section.
  • Reconnect sensor.
Heavy frost builds up on evaporator fins
  • Manual defrost and adjust defrost cycle
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