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Commercial Ice Machine Repair Service

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Whether you have a restaurant or a hotel, your commercial ice machine offers your customers the refreshing indulgence of ice-cold drinks, and it does the work for you by keeping a large store of ice cubes at the ready. If you are having trouble with this appliance—whether it has stopped working completely or it’s just not performing like it used to—you can count on MegaTec Equipment Services to provide the best commercial ice machine repair service.

In the food-service industry, ice machines are essential for several purposes, from keeping beverages nice and cold to preserving foods on ice in a buffet format. At MegaTec we know how important your ice machine is to keep your business functioning, and we take our role in keeping you open and your customers happy seriously. With our experinece and a team of skilled professionals, our commercial ice machine service options are designed to meet every need your business has when it comes to your ice machines.

Whether your machine has broken down completely or is simply due for its scheduled ice machine service, we take extra care to provide reliable work with meticulous attention to detail. If you need commercial ice machine repair, we’ll accurately diagnose the root of the problem, go over your options in detail, help you choose the most efficient route, and then quickly but carefully repair your machine. At any time of day or night, we’ll be there to answer your call and restore your business’s ice machine.

Commercial Ice Machines

We can fix any kind of ice machine at your business, including these common types:

Full-Cube Ice Machine Also called “full-dice ice,” full-cube ice resembles a 7/8-inch cube. It melts slowly due to its large surface area, keeping beverages cooler for longer periods of time. Full-cube commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo units.

Half-Cube Ice Machine Half-cube ice, or half-dice ice, measures 3/8 x 7/8 x 7/8 inches and is widely used. It can pack tightly into a glass and displace more liquid, increasing profits. Just like full-cube machines, half-cube commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo units.

Nugget Ice Machine Nugget-shaped ice works well for blended cocktails, soft drinks, smoothies and health care settings. These commercial ice machines are available as stand-alone, under-counter, bin-combo, and dispenser units, and Mr. Appliance is familiar with repairing any type.

Flake Ice Machine Tiny chips of flaked ice are ideal for blended cocktails, salad bars, produce/meat/seafood displays, and ice wraps for therapeutic uses. Commercial flake ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, bin-combo, and dispenser units.

Specialty Ice Machine Some business owners choose specialty commercial ice makers that create crescent- and octagonal-shaped ice. Crescent ice displaces more liquid than half cubes, further increasing profits. Specialty commercial ice machine models are available as under-counter or combo machine/dispenser units. No matter what type you have, Mr. Appliance technicians will repair it effectively.

Common Commercial Ice Machine Problems

There’s never really a good time for an ice machine to stop working. While it’s not a common occurrence, a couple of issues can pop up occasionally when the unit runs on a daily basis. That’s why we have easy tips for troubleshooting a commercial ice machine, so you can find and solve the problem quickly.

Ice Machine Doesn’t Operate
  • No power – It’s the one question everyone sighs after hearing: “is the unit plugged in?” Just check. You might be pleasantly surprised that your problem has an easy, cost-free solution.
  • Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse – Is the breaker tripped or a fuse blown? Check your box for these problems.
  • Toggle switch isn’t on – If the ON/OFF/WASH switch isn’t set properly, or is somehow stuck between those options, your machine won’t operate. Make sure the switch is set to ON.
  • Damper is open – If the damper is held open in the down position, the machine will shut off until ice or any foreign obstructions are cleared. The damper must be upright and capable of swinging freely.
Ice Machine Stops, Restarts When Switched Off and On Again
  • Safety limit is triggered – The safety limit on some units is designed to stop the ice machine if there is a possibility of major component failure. Switch the machine off and back on again. If the ice machine continues to run, the condition has corrected itself and you’re good to go. If the machine stops again, an authorized service technician will need to repair the issue.
Ice Machine Not Releasing Ice or Slow to Harvest
  • Dirty machine – A dirty machine can slow down the harvest cycle or impede ice from releasing. Clean and sanitize the ice machine following the instructions in the owner’s manual.
  • Machine isn’t level – Is the ice machine level? Your unit must sit flat on the floor for optimal performance.
  • Ambient temperature is too warm – On air-cooled models, the air temperature must be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. Make sure the room isn’t too hot.
  • Water regulating valve leaking – On water-cooled models, if the water regulating valve is leaking in harvest mode, it could cause a problem. Replace the valve.
Ice Machine Doesn’t Cycle Into Harvest Mode
  • Timer hasn’t stopped – The harvest sequence cannot be initiated until a 6-minute freeze timer has elapsed. If ice forms before then, it will be held until the timer completes.
  • Ice thickness probe is dirty or disconnected – Clean the probe if it’s dirty. If the ice thickness probe need adjustment, make sure it’s adjusted so the water flow, not the ice, contacts the probe to initiate a harvest.
  • Uneven ice fill – If the ice is thin at the top of the evaporator, continue reading for the solution further down in this post under the problem “shallow or incomplete cubes.”
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